A well designed drainage and waterproofing plan allows surface water to effectively be moved away from the foundation of your home. This prevents water-logged areas that result from water collecting in certain areas underground. Proper drainage control is often necessary when land is flat or where the water table is high, and should be a top priority when it comes to maintaining new or existing landscaping.


At a local residence in Ambler, Pennsylvania, Modern Landscapes was contracted during the spring of 2016 for tree removal services and to install a drainage system. The initial project was to remove a leaning tree, clean up three other trees on the property, install downspouts and a sump pump underground running away from the house, and then lastly to install a 1,200 square foot patio with knee walls and a deck extension.


The task quickly turned into a much more extensive project when, during the installation of the drainage system, the Modern Landscapes team discovered that there was a great deal of water collecting and being held underneath the existing garage. The pooling water was causing a musty smell in the basement, and required the team to excavate deeper, waterproof the exterior walls, and install a French drain system.



Typically, a French Drain is installed by digging a trench and installing a perforated pipe, which is then covered by rocks or gravel. Water seeps through the gravel and into the pipe, and is then redirected away from the basement walls or foundation of a home. This prevents water from collecting in certain areas, and from causing damage to existing landscaping.



Once the tree removal, waterproofing, and drainage control had been completed, Modern Landscapes began the installation of the new patio. It was at this point that they found that the support posts holding the deck up were not connected to the footings, and the team had to correct this problem before moving forward.


As the patio work was coming to a close, we spoke with the property owner and agreed that the addition of a low voltage lighting system into the patio steps and also into the knee walls would be a great addition to the hardscaping to really draw attention to the owner’s beautiful new outdoor renovation to their home.


This project took just about one month for the team at Modern Landscapes to complete, and left their customer with nothing but nice things to say about their experience.