Upgrade existing or build new areas with the addition of lasting structures that vastly improve the appearance of your home.


Not only does hardscaping enhance the usability of your property, it creates beauty and adds value to your home. The perfectly placed rock bed or fire pit can elevate your yard or highlight that lush landscape you’ve been looking for. Our hardscaping features are diverse and work to enhance outdoor living spaces in a way that best serves the needs of our clients. Our eye for detail and our main priority to exceed expectations result in an aesthetically pleasing project. When you choose Modern Landscapes for hardscaping, you will also receive our 5-Year Warranty. This great benefit includes the correction of any settling of 3/8″ or more up to the 5 year anniversary date.



Giving off a traditional-style look, brick walkways are the perfect complement to any home. Whether it leads to the pool or the driveway, a freshly installed walkway adds visual and useful appeal to your home for you and your friends to enjoy.



A brick patio is an easy choice for homes where the exterior design already includes brick integration. The indoors and outdoors will feel connected with a continuation of the same flooring material.


Flagstone provides a unique element to your outdoor living space with natural variety in each stone. There will never be two areas exactly the same. Flagstone is also very durable and requires low maintenance, providing you with a visually appealing space for years to come.


Low retaining walls are frequently used as planting beds and can add character to an otherwise flat yard. The main purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back soil in an area where elevation varies. Retaining walls also help create usable outdoor areas to enjoy the outdoors for years to come.


Offering an unlimited possibility of designs, shapes, and colors, concrete is one of the most commonly used forms of building materials. Whether it is a patio or walkway, concrete is widely valued for its strength and durability.


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