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Homeowners in southeast Pennsylvania might be hesitant to install an irrigation or sprinkler system since it seems like a job that, at first glance, could run into a lot of money. Instead of purchasing the system and hiring a contractor to complete the job, you might be tempted to take the DIY route. But having an irrigation or sprinkler system professionally installed by Modern Landscapes can save you time and money, as well as help the environment.


Saving time and money

A sprinkler system is basically a series of undersurface pipes that are connected to sprinkler heads, which pop up when the water pressure in the pipes fills up. Therefore, as a homeowner you would not have to manually water your garden every half hour with a hose, freeing up a lot of your valuable time.

While hiring a professional contractor, like Modern Landscapes is an upfront expense, it is cost effective in the long run because they can advise you on proper planning by taking into consideration your lawn’s irrigation zones and which parts get the most sun and shade.

Modern Landscapes will know what type of rotor heads are needed to distribute a mist or spray so that each part of the lawn gets the exact amount of water it needs to flourish. Is a stream rotor or impact style rotor needed? Homeowners don’t have to spend time doing their own research, and then money replacing the pipes and valves if they are not properly functioning.

In addition, cities might require homeowners to have permits before installing an irrigation system. The average homeowner could be fined for overlooking this small detail, which is why hiring Modern Landscapes can save them money.

Saving the environment

By drowning their lawn in water, homeowners are actually wasting water because not all of it gets absorbed. First of all, having a proper sprinkler system installed solves this problem, because the contractor will set it up so the lawn and plants get watered for shorter periods of time. For example, the system might be set up to take 10 to 15-minute breaks in between watering sessions. This prevents water runoff and the lawn actually soaks up the water; this is especially important for the hard clay soil in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties.

Secondly, there are specific times of day where water usage loses its efficiency. The best watering hours are from early to late morning because the temperatures are milder. Any time after this, water can be lost through evaporation and could take longer to dry, leading to fungus development.

The last piece of advice to prevent the issues above is to apply water directly to the roots of trees or flower beds at low pressure.

Installing a proper irrigation or sprinkler system might not be the number one priority for homeowners due to the time and financial investment. Even though DIY kits are the cheaper option initially, it is important for homeowners to evaluate the benefits of hiring a contractor. The pros outweigh the cons since in the long run, it will not only save them time and money, but will also help save the environment.

Looking for a cost-effective, quality solution to your irrigation needs? Call your trusted Modern Landscapes today!