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Any southeastern Pennsylvania homeowner will tell you that a major benefit of living in the region is the ability to enjoy outdoor spaces most of the year round. Each season has its own beauty, and with the right attention to landscaping, your outdoor space can be an oasis, a gathering place, and a source of enjoyment for family and friends from the first bloom of spring to the cozy nights of late autumn.

Of course, softscaping—the plants and flowers and shrubs and trees you incorporate into your outdoor space—is key to creating a welcoming and beautiful experience. But hardscaping—the more permanent aspects like walkways, patios, walls, and benches—are just as important for setting the tone and bringing the space to life.

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the many ways that stone can be used to enhance your hardscaping, from pathways to patios, benches to water features, steps to garden borders, and more. We’ve also talked about the different types of stone that are most commonly used in hardscaping, like flagstone, limestone, slate, and stone aggregate.

In this article, we’ll turn our attention to the benefits of using stone as part of your overall landscaping. Here are our top five favorite reasons to make stone a centerpiece of your outdoor space:


1.    Stone is low maintenance.

Actually, it’s even better than that. Stone is no maintenance. It doesn’t need to be sealed, or treated, or finished. You don’t have to fertilize it or mow it or prune it. You don’t need to continually replace it. It doesn’t need water. Stone is the perfect solution for homeowners who want beauty and functionality in their outdoor spaces without the time and expense of maintenance.

2.    Stone is durable.

Stone doesn’t rot or wilt or decompose. It is long-lasting, and while its color may slightly fade after long-term exposure to the elements, it can last through the burning heat of summer and the snowy cold of winter without wearing down. An investment in stone hardscaping can give you decades of enjoyment.

3.    Stone helps with irrigation.

Modern Landscapes can help you incorporate stone into your outdoor space in a way that is beautiful and functional, placing the stone so that it helps water drain away from your house.

4.    Stone has safety benefits.

Have you ever walked on a wet wooden patio? Most types of stone have the benefit of being less slippery, and therefore more safe, than other hardscaping materials.

5.    Stone creates visual interest and curb appeal.

Stone is strikingly beautiful, and because it is natural, it gives a unique look that increases your home’s value and curb appeal. There are so many different varieties of stone and ways to use stone that every homeowner’s style can be accommodated, from rustic to ultra-sophisticated.

For more information on how to use stone to enhance your outdoor space, call Modern Landscapes today!