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In our last article, we talked about some of the types of stone that are most popular for use in outdoor spaces: the natural beauty of flagstone, the versatile ease of sandstone, the subtle elegance of limestone, and the unique sophistication of slate. Stone is prized for its durability, natural aesthetic, incredible range of colors and styles, and the limitless ways it can be used to enhance landscaping.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the ways that homeowners in Bucks and Montgomery Counties are incorporating stone into their outdoor spaces to upgrade their look, value, and functionality. While the possibilities are endless, here are just a few of our favorites:


·         Fire pits
Stone is a great choice for firepits and outdoor fireplaces when you are going for a more natural or rustic look.
·         Garden borders
Used strategically, stone makes an excellent and potentially very low cost border for your gardens, providing a natural and effective way to delineate your space and create a separation between your garden and your lawn or other landscaping elements.
·         Patios
Patios are a prime area for the use of stone. Stone lends both natural beauty and durability to a high-traffic area like a patio. Be sure when selecting stone for a patio that you use a type of stone that provides a flat surface for patio furniture.
·         Walkways
Walkways are instantly upgraded by the use of stone. Stone pavers can be arranged geographically, or left in their natural, irregular shape for a more organic look. Be careful when using stone for walkways to be sure that the stone is not slippery. Some stone, like limestone, makes a lovely walkway, but is best finished with sand blasting or some other method to add texture so people don’t slip or fall on your walkway.
·         Water features
Water features, whether they are fountains, bird baths, or more elaborate systems with pools and cascading water, are made all the more beautiful with the use of stone.
·         Steps
Stone can add elegance and a natural, organic feel to outdoor steps. They can make for a dramatic entrance as well as stylish connectors between different levels of your outdoor space.
·         Retaining walls
Stone used in retaining walls serve both a practical and artistic purpose—they bring beauty to this popular landscaping feature, but can also provide much needed structural support and a defense against soil erosion.
·         Rock gardens
Rock gardens are an inexpensive way to add style and personality to your outdoor space year round. Requiring little maintenance and able to be enjoyed in every season, rock gardens are a versatile alternative or addition to flower gardens.
·         Stone benches
Stone benches are a rustic, natural option for seating, and can provide a sturdy yet beautiful feature to any outdoor space.
·         As a drainage solution
Using smaller stones or gravel can be an irrigation solution, especially when used in conjunction with french drains.

Stones are as versatile in landscaping as they are beautiful. To bring the style and functionality of stone into your outdoor space, talk to Modern Landscapes today!